Industrial Buildings


Rubb’s industrial buildings continue to grow in popularity and offer flexible, effective, clear span space and low lifetime costs.



Rubb manufacturing buildings

Adaptable building solutions




Rubb’s manufacturing buildings offer the versatility and adaptability that every industry needs. Many of our structures find use with multiple owners in different locations and for different applications than the structure was originally supplied for. The flexibility to relocate, resell or extend are appealing features for all tension fabric structures.


Rubb’s industrial manufacturing and construction buildings are being used to augment production capacity, maximizing return on investment and lowering the risk associated with managing expansion in a growing business environment. Rubb has the capability to adapt and customize structures to fit your needs, even in uneven environments where options may seem limited.



Industrial project images



With over 35 years experiance supporting the Industrial sector, Rubb has built up relationships with high profile clients across the globe designing, manufacturing and constructing cost effective building solutions.




vehicle Maintenance building
vehicle inspection warehouse fabrication warehouse vehicle Maintenance facility
vehicle repair warehouse vehicle inspection building manufacturing warehouse manufacturing building




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