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Rubb’s port warehouses continue to grow in popularity and offer flexible, effective, clear span space and low lifetime costs.



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Rubb port storage buildings offer marine terminals a solution that allows for maximum flexibility with respect to multiple handling methods and configurations. Relocating and re-using these buildings is easy and cost effective, which is ideal for the continuous growth and high demand of any port.


The PVC coated fabric on our marine structures will not corrode in a port environment and allows the structure to accept differential settlement without the need for expensive pile foundations. These same features give Rubb an advantage when it comes to preventing leaky roofs - an issue that is common at many port facilities. Hot dip galvanization also allows for our steel frames to resist salt water corrosion and rust.


Rubb structures provide large, column free spaces that are illuminated by natural light through the translucent roof, saving on electricity costs over a long term period. This important feature allows a safer, more efficient working environment than is available in traditional construction port bulk storage facilities.


Rubb buildings are suitable for storing any variety of goods, even extremely sensitive materials. Our climate-controlled warehouses allow for dehumidified storage environments, while our bulk storage and break bulk warehouses are ideally suited for storage of materials under the strenuous conditions of the marine environment.


In addition to port storage buildings, we offer shipyard buildings to enclose fabrication projects, as well as ship cocoons and barge covers to allow for the protection of bulk goods while at sea.



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With over 35 years experiance of designing, manufacturing and constructing custom buildings to cover all port operations, Rubb has built up relationships with high profile clients across the globe.





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