Thermohall Insulated Storage Buildings


Rubb's Thermohall is the world’s only flexible insulated fabric system which offers major advantages over other insulating systems.



Thermohall insulated fabric covering

Climate controlled structures




Through our ongoing focus on design, development and environment, we have grown to become the leading supplier of complete fabric buildings and hall solutions for public and private sectors. Rubb’s patented Thermohall is the best and most eco-friendly of insulated storage buildings on the market today, perfect for any climate controlled storage facilities.


Our storage facilities can be readily converted or relocated to store unitized products allowing a much more flexible storage alternative than bulk storage silos. These facilities also accommodate differential site settlement allowing simplified foundations. Size and shape can be customized both to suite the type of material stored as well as the site on which it is placed. They have been used to store materials such as biomass, perlite, coal, iron ore, and often serve as warehousing and salt storage buildings for municipalities in cold climates.



Rubb's Thermohall is the world’s only flexible insulated fabric system which offers major advantages over other insulating systems:


  • Non-combustible glass wool insulation encapsulated in air and water tight pockets
  • Insulation thickness from 2" to 8"
  • Buildings are fully relocatable
  • No thermal bridges in the cladding
  • No air gaps in the cladding, which reduces heat loss and helps eliminate condensation



Development of the Thermohall started several years ago, with the goal for a new and eco-friendly insulation system. Thermohall is now fully developed and patented. Thermohall offers great energy savings and is environmentally friendly, both in fabrication and operation.


  • We use a heavy duty PVC fabric with a long useful life (20+ years), and high density non-combustible glass wool insulation
  • All the materials are recyclable
  • Competing insulation options are often poor imitations - some of these employ PVC sheets with an air gap in between which gives poor thermal performance while being prone to condensation problems, and other systems use combustible insulation or rigid panels which don't allow for relocation of the building
  • Rubb Thermohall is a properly insulated building which combines the best properties of conventional buildings and fabric buildings, high thermal insulation, full relocatability, and all Thermohall buildings can be delivered to suit the customer's insulation requirements



Our Thermohalls come with a free span of all sizes and with two insulation types, U5 and U10. We also offer various heat sources such as oil or gas fired hot air units, radiant heating, heat pump or electric fan heaters.


Minimal maintenance costs and any damage can be repaired easily and inexpensively. We can also offer optimal service concepts. At the conclusion of the service and maintenance agreement with the insurance you get: up to 15 years in the building, reduced losses in the building, technical maintenance and 24 hour monitoring.

Thermohall has excellent drainage properties, is water repellent and absorbs neither moisture nor odors. We deliver our Thermohalls with simple or sophisticated ventilation system that provides a great working environment.


Our patented insulating is part of the natural cycle. The insulation consists mainly of recycled glass. Good and proper insulation can combine personal interests and benefits, which reduced heating costs and a stable indoor temperature year round.

Fire / Soundproofing
Technical regulations and guidelines set standards for both sound and fire insulation. Our patented insulating satisfies the requirements for sound passage, which is essential for our customers who are located in industrial areas or near roads or airports. In addition to the fabric's unique strength, it is long lasting, and low (if any) maintenance is required throughout the life of the building.


Regulatory Compliance
When developing the Thermohall we have assumed the provisions of the Planning and Building Act. All halls are supplied with a free span. The halls are designed for wind - and snow loads that meet or exceed current regulations.



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