August 2015



Bulk Storage and dust containment market activity on the rise



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Judging from the increasing number of enquiries for bulk storage and containment structures, mining investment in several key markets – Southern Africa, Chile, Mongolia, and even Australia – are picking up once again, after a period of low activity the past 2-3 years.


Much of the new demand is environmentally driven – Local Authorities are requiring open piles of ore and other loose minerals to be covered, in order to reduce wind-blown dust pollution.


A Rubb building is the most cost effective and economical way to cover large volumes of loose bulk material, while allowing natural light and optimal free height and widths for optimal handling.


Rubb has several standard designs with free spans up to 50 meters, and clear heights up to 12 meters. Larger custom designs are also available; all Rubb buildings are designed to meet local code.


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